Which MP are you? 🤔 Take the MPTI quiz

What's Your MPTI?
From The Workaholic to The Loose Cannon, get to know these MP personalities and find out which one best resembles you.

Last updated at Feb 22, 2024

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The 16 MPTI Of Lumi Parliament

Find Out Your MPTI

Discover your MP alter ego with Lumi News' MPTI quiz! From fiery debaters to quiet workers, we'll make sure you'll find an MP to match your vibe in this personality quiz 🔥

Go to quiz.luminews.my to take the quiz now!

Don't forget to blast your results around and tag us on social media. Jio your friends and see what kind of Dewan you'd make in Parliament (well, Lumi Parliament 😉).

The Creative: Ahmad Maslan

The Workaholic: Anthony Loke

The Big Boss: Anwar Ibrahim

The Loose Cannon: Bung Moktar

The Motherly Advocate: Fadhlina Sidek

The Strategist: Hadi Awang

The Maverick: Howard Lee

The Guardian: Johari Abdul

The Protector: RSN Rayer

The Loudspeaker: Sany Hamzan

The Boomer Campaigner: Shahidan Kassim

The Lone Wolf: Syed Saddiq

The Conspiracy Theorist: Suhaimi Abdullah

The OG: Teresa Kok

The Mat Jargon: Wan Fayhsal

The Lucky Survivor: Zahid Hamidi


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